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Spain Hasn’t Had Government For Months


C1 – Advanced

After 9 months of elections, Spain still does not have a traditional government due to not having enough votes. The citizens seem to like it and life is going on as normal. People are getting paid and receiving benefits. But without a national government Spain has been unable to pass national legislation, handle foreign affairs or fund new government projects.

Spain Hasn’t Had a Government For 9 Months–and People Love It


1. Do you think a government should be bigger or smaller?
2. Is there much corruption within the Spanish government?
3. Do you think politicians cause more harm than good?
4. Have you noticed any changes throughout this time? Has it affected you in any way?

Rio Olympics: Is Brazil Ready?

C1 – Advanced

The 2016 Summer Olympics has come and gone. But how do you think Rio fared as the recent host?

Read the article below to see the big challenges that Brazil faced as they got ready for the Olympics.

Rio Olympics: Is Brazil ready to host the Summer Games?


1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of hosting the Olympics?
2. Do you think this sporting event will somehow help alleviate Brazil from recession?
3. Given the factors mentioned beforehand, would you consider the Olympics in Brazil a success?
4. Is this a good time to invest in businesses in this country?

India Kolkata Flyover Collapse

C1 – Advanced

In March of 2016, a tragic construction accident happened in Calcutta, leaving a chaotic scene and many injured.

Watch the videos and read the article on the collapse of an Indian flyover.

India Kolkata flyover collapse: At least 20 dead


1. What do you think could have caused the collapse of the flyover?
2. Have you witnessed a similar accident before in your city?
3. What is your opinion on the rescue effort conducted in the article?
4. What can the Indian government do to prevent such accidents in the future?


Students Killed in Spain Bus Crash

C1 – Advanced

In March of 2016, an unfortunate event took place involving students. Read the article below to get information on the news event. Be ready to express your opinions.

13 Foreign Students Killed in Spain Bus Crash


1. How did you feel about the news?
2. What could have been the cause of the accident?
3. Have you joined the Erasmus program when you were a student?
4. How important is The Fallas Festival to the Spanish culture and tradition?