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How to Drink Baijiu


B2 – Upper intermediate

Have you heard of baijiu? If you’re into spirits and drinking then this is one liqueur that you might want to try.

Read the article about a Chinese drink heartily consumed by the locals. Take a look at the pictures as well and be ready to answer comprehension questions.

How to drink baijiu: Beijing’s pros share their tips


1. What is baijiu and how is it made? What is it made of?
2. On which occasions is baijiu the choice of drink?
3. What is baijiu tourism?
4. What are some of the local alcohol or spirits that are commonly and popularly consumed in your country?
5. What are your preferences when it comes to alcohol?

These Cuisines Could Help You Live Longer


C1 – Advanced

Good food does wonders. The past decade has been all about healthy and organic ingredients to combat diseases naturally and to live a fuller life.

The article below shows cuisines that can help you reach past your prime. Read the article, watch the video and view the photos that showcase delectable dishes.

These cuisines could help you live longer


1. What did the article say about processed and unprocessed food?
2. What are some of the healthy ingredients that the featured countries use in their daily food intake?
3. Which of the cuisines featured have you tried?
4. Would you say that you have a healthy diet?

8 Home Maintenance Skills to Master

C1 – Advanced

Persistent little home problems are the bane of every homeowner’s existence and can be very costly, so here are some skills to master:

8 Home Maintenance Skills Every Homeowner Should Master


1. What do you think of the tasks mentioned in the article?
2. What are some common repairs or home improvements people do in and around their apartments or houses?
3. What home improvements would you like to do at the place where you live now? Would you do them yourself, or have someone else do them?

Reasons to Love the World

C1 – Advanced

There are daily struggles in life. But there are also small miracles.  Read the article below to know some of the greatest things that have happened to different people.

Think of as many reasons to love the the world.

50 Reasons to #LoveTheWorld


1. What do you think of the reasons mentioned in this feature?
2. What are the things that you’d like to do or experience for yourself?
3. What other places in the world would you like to travel to?

Commuters’ Tales


C1 – Advanced

Whether you’re taking public transportation or using your car, we all have stories to tell about our daily commute, especially if it’s something we do on a daily basis.

Click on the title below and read about the commuters in Mumbai and their experiences on the train.

Commuters’ tales: No room to sit – even in the toilet


1. Describe the pictures you’ve seen in the article.
2. Recall the experiences of some of the passengers who take the train.
3. How efficient is public transportation in your country? What would you change if any?
4. Share some of your unusual stories as a commuter.

How Diversity Has Changed America

B2 – Upper intermediate

Diversity in America is nothing new. With thousands of migrants and immigrants flocking the United States for a number of reasons.

Read the article below to know some facts about some of the more diversified states in the US.

How Diversity Has Changed America


1. How diverse is the population in Spain?
2. Which cities are more diverse?
3. How does immigration affect the locals?
4. What do you think is the difference between a migrant and an immigrant?

The Second Lives of Swiss bunkers


C1 – Advanced

Bunkers, especially from war, will always give you an eerie and strange feeling. In Switzerland, however, some people were actually able to utilize them as way of profit.

Click on the title below to look at the photos and read the article on how some Swiss bunkers were brought back to life. Be ready to discuss some words and expressions.

The fascinating second lives of Swiss bunkers (one is a mushroom farm)


1. What do you think of re-using old bunkers like the Swiss did?
2. Would you stay at a hotel like Hotel Zero?
3. Have you ever been to a place which was an important part of history?
4. Describe some of the strange places that you have visited in the past.

An Interview With Italian Street Artist Millo

o-MILLO2-900C1 – Advanced

Street art has evolved from the usual graffiti to full scale city murals.

Read the article and get to know artist  Francesco Camillo Giorgino and his works. Also, take note of new expressions or vocabularies you’d like to discuss.

An Interview With Italian Street Artist Millo: ‘My Characters Are The Purest Part Of Me’

Let’s Discuss!

1. According to the article, explain what the artist loves about street art. What was his background?
2. What do you think of Millo’s art? Is this something that you have in your city?
3. What kind of art do you prefer?

Nepal Earthquakes 2015


C1 – Advanced

On April 25, 2015, Nepal was hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that cost thousands of lives and left so many injured.

Below is an article to look back on the devastation that hit a country and affected so many. Take a look at the before-and-after photos included in the article.

Nepal earthquakes: Devastation in maps and images


1. What do you know of the earthquake that hit Nepal in 2015?
2. Have you experienced a natural disaster?
3. What are some of the catastrophes you’ve witnessed?
4. Is your country prepared in case a natural disaster hits?


Top Cities to Visit


B1 – Intermediate

Here’s an article you can use if you’re planning your next out-of-the-country trip. View some of the cities that most people would like to visit. Perhaps you’ve been to one of them.

The Top 25 Cities to Visit in the World


1. Which of the cities in the article have you been to?
2. What city is the easiest for you to visit? The hardest?
3. Which one would you make your goal to visit?