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Social Media are Changing Relationships

B2 – Upper intermediate

Social media networks have helped people share pieces of their lives to the community.  But what is the effect of social media networks to our relationship to other people?

Read the article below and be ready to express your thoughts.

Social media networks are changing our way of having relationships


1. What springs to mind when you hear the term ‘social networking’?
2. What are the pros and cons of social networking?
3. Are social networking sites for people who aren’t good at meeting people face to face?
4. Have you ever tried to find friends on a social networking site?

Capture Life in Your Soul


C2 – Proficient

Whenever you have a holiday coming up, step back and contemplate on this: Will I be taking pictures of every single detail of my trip then upload them instantly on my social media? Or Will I take the time to appreciate the beauty that is in front of me?

At some point we are all guilty of just clicking away on our cameras. Read the article below then express your thoughts.

Capture Life in Your Soul — Not Your Smartphone


1. Do you agree that taking photos prevents us from fully enjoying the moment?
2. Do you think social media has a lot to do with this habit of taking a photo of everything?
3. Can you imagine disconnecting from social media for a year?
4. How do you get to fully enjoy your vacations or adventures to the fullest?