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Reasons Violent Video Games Contribute To Youth Violence


B2 – Upper intermediate

A number of studies have been conducted to see the relation of video games and having aggressive behavior, especially to younger children who are at the peak of developing their social lives.

Read the article below and be ready to express your thoughts.

10 Reasons Violent Video Games Contribute To Youth Violence


1. Studies on whether violent video games lead to aggression in children have been mixed. Some studies have found a strong connection, while others find no link. What is your stand?

2. Do you think children could lose their sense of reality and Fiction due to violent video games?

3. What can parents do to avoid this aggression in children ?

Video Games Good for Children


B1 – Intermediate

Different studies were conducted on how behavior among children and teenagers are affected by playing video games. A study in Oxford University found that playing video games for less than an hour a day is good. On the other hand, playing violent video games influence teenagers to be more aggressive.

Read the article to know more about the possible benefits and consequences of vieo games on children.

Study: Playing Video Games Good for Children


1. Do you play video games?
2. Does it affect your way of thinking and behaviour?
3. Do you agree with idea suggested in the article?
4. Would you allow your children to play video games? If yes, what set of rules would you impose?