Bilingual Brain

B2 – Upper intermediate

There are advantages of knowing two languages. There may be some disadvantages to this skill as well. Watch the video to find out.

Discussion Questions:

1. How is a bilingual brain different from a monolingual brain?
2. Are there any disadvantages to knowing two languages?
3. Do you think everyone in the future will be bilingual or even multilingual?

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One thought on “Bilingual Brain

  1. Jorge

    1. The bilingual brain have a high density of grey materia and have more activity in many regions than the monolingual brain. For other hand the bilingual brains have more activity in general and for this reason is more improbable to have mental problems in the future.

    2. Now it’s impossible to say that learn more languages have something negative but years ago the video say that the people thought that the bilingual persons have a higher mental fatigue and it’s worst for his brains than the monolingual persons. I think that the bilingual persons probably have more problems to know one language very very well with a difficult vocabulary or complicated expressions. Probably if you want to know very well one language it’s better if you only know and work all the time with this language. Probably this is good for writers or something similar. But in general I think that be bilingual is better than be monolingual and has more positive things if you learn more languages than if you prefer to work only one.

    3. I think that for the next years will be very important to know many languages but I think that when we will have in the future a good elements to comunicate us between persons with different languages in real time probably will be less necessary to know more languages. Something similar than the google glasses or another software like this.


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