Music Makes Us Happy

A2 – Elementary

A brain chemical called ‘dopamine’ is said to be released when we listen to music, eat, and do other rewarding activities.

Read on to know how exactly music affect our mood.


Discussion Questions:

1. Does music make you feel good?
2. What kind of music gives you the chills?
3. What other things make you feel good?

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One thought on “Music Makes Us Happy

  1. lu

    Music makes me feel good. I can remember marvellous situations in my life, I can imagine moments that I would like to live, I can feel emotion, happiness, love.
    I´m sad, the kind of music that gives me the chills is the melodic, with lyrics that remind me of hard moments, complicated situations, people who aren´t there, who wake fears about my family. This kind of music makes me cry.
    My children make me feel the happiest person in the world: if my children are well, their health is good, they laugh, my heart beats strong and happy.
    Being with my family, that everyone is healthy (my husband, my parents, my brother), having a right job to eat, pay for the needs of my family, that there are no wars, that it rains, …


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