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More Selfie Deaths than Shark Attacks

C1 – Advanced

Isn’t it puzzling or hilarious hearing news about someone dying because he took pictures of himself while on thin ice or in a dangerous spot?  How ironic that we risk our lives just to make others like or envy us on social media.

More people die from selfies than shark attacks  


1. Are you fond of taking selfies?
2. Will you be willing to risk your life to get a picture of yourself hanging on the edge of a cliff?
3. Is there such things as taking too many selfies? Or do you think that people should just mind their own businesses?
4. When on holiday, do you enjoy taking photos?

Genetically Engineered Rice


B2 – Upper intermediate

The crisis in food has been foreseen by experts and through this a scientific innovation was developed. This is called GM or Genetically Modified food which resulted in a serious discussion and deliberation whether it will make us healthy or will harm the health of many.

Dispute About Genetically Engineered Rice


1. What is your thought on GM food? Does it contribute to a healthier society?
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this gene modification?
3. Are you now more particular when it comes to buying your food as compared to before?

Understanding the Teenage Brain


B2 – Upper intermediate

Most parents around the globe have the same struggle of understanding a teenager’s behavior. Teens are often misunderstood. Even if we, ourselves, became teenagers once, we are still baffled by how they conduct themselves.

Read the article below to get a better picture of why teenagers act as such.

Understanding the Misunderstood Teenage Brain


1. Have you been in this stage where you feel no one understands you?
2. How would you describe yourself as a teenager?
3. How would you differentiate teenagers during your time and teenagers of today?
4. What do you think is the best way to raise teenagers?

The Science of “Three-Person Babies”


C1 – Advanced

Britain is the first country to have a type of procedure called ” mitochondrial replacement therapy.” It is to avoid women from passing diseases or disorders to their children.

However, there are different public reactions to this procedure that really frightens and offends others.

‘Three-Person Babies’ Debate Goes Beyond Science and Religion


1. What is your stand on this treatment?
2. Would you dare try MRT even if it may threaten your and your child’s health?
3. What is your opinion on gene mutation?
4. Has science gone beyond it distinctive procedures?

Video: Body Language and Success

Job Interview – C1 – Advanced

Little do we know that the way we move our body gives out much impression. In one of the videos presented from TED talks the speaker explains power dynamics of non-verbal expressions.

Your Body Language Determines Your Success

Click the title for the transcript:  Your body language shapes who you are


1. Do you think the speaker’s notion of the body language makes sense?
2. Are you aware of the body language power to mold a notable person in you?


20 English Words to Not Say When Travelling


C1 – Advanced

If you are a frequent traveler or you are involved in the e-commerce industry and have an international clientele, better know these English words to avoid unintended double entendre.

Avoid These 20 English Words When in Other Countries


1. Aside from the ones mentioned in the article, do you know of other English terms that should be avoided when travelling?
2. When you travel to a foreign country do you use English or do you use the language of the country?
3. Are there some Spanish words that foreign people often misuse?

Love and Work


C1 – Advanced

In this generation, both men and women have equal rights of pursuing a career for the family. In a household where both are working full time, occupied schedules can get in the way.

Is all fair in love and work?


1. Have you ever been in a situation where most of your time is devoted to work?
2. Do you think there’s an issue with married couples or couples who live together who work for the same company?
3. How do you balance home and career?
4. Is interoffice relationship allowed in your company?

A Guide to Breakups


C1 – Advanced

Almost all of us has experienced loss. Especially during the teenage years, when young men and women start crushing on someone and have their first take on a relationship.

Read the article below to know about Julia’s dating experience and her suggestion of ending affairs.

The Thoroughly Modern Guide to Breakups


1. What did you think of Julia’s heartbreaking story?
2. What can you say about her suggestions when it comes to ending a relationship?
3. Have you had any bad experiences when it comes to dating?

Cheating Epidemic in Sports


B2 – Upper intermediate

We all know the controversies of winning a game due to cheating. There are some recorded evidences of how cheating is widely practiced in the world of sports. It has even caused disputes and debates over the years.

The Epidemic of Cheating in Sports


1. What is your stand on cheating in sport?
2. What do you think is a just punishement for an athlete who was found cheating?
3. Do you think there are other underlying reasons why athletes cheat?

The World of Artificial Intelligence

C2 – Proficient

Tech pro Elon Musk warned people about the danger of artificial intelligence. Nowadays, machines are all around us. Opinions will differwhen it comes to AI.

Elon Musk warns against unleashing artificial intelligence ‘demon’


1. Has AI made our lives better?
2. Do you see the dangers of using or relying on artificial intelligence?
3. Do you support artificial intelligence?
4. Do you think we can depend on Elon Musk’s statement about AI?