Beauty Around the World


B2 – Upper intermediate

Beauty. What is it really? Is it the shape of one’s eyes, an aquiline nose? Is it a slender waist, or tapering fingers? Or is it an inner quality, a contagious joie de vivre?

Click the link below and see the diversity of beauty as captured by one photographer’s lens. Read the short article and view the 18 photos included.

Photographer captures beauty around the world


1. How do you define beauty?
2. In the interview, photographer Mihaela Noroc said that “beauty means to keep alive your origins and your culture.” In your opinion, what is the connection between a person’s beauty and culture?
3. What do Noroc’s photographs say about beauty? How are the women the same? In what ways are they different?
4. If you could take a snapshot of beauty, who or what would you take a picture of?

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