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Test 671

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Being Frugal vs. Being Cheap

There’s a thin line between being frugal and being cheap, but how do we know when we’re in danger of crossing it?

Being frugal is being resourceful and savvy about how you spend your money, whereas being cheap is trying to cut corners to the detriment of yourself or others just so you don’t have to spend money.

Click the link to find out the differences between the two and be able to answer the questions that follow:

Let’s discuss:

  1. What’s the difference between being cheap and being frugal?
  2. Can you manage your money to the end of the month?
  3. Are you saving money now? Why? Do you regularly save money? Why?
  4. When was the last time you spent money on something you didn’t really need? Why did you do so?
  5.  Do you go shopping when you are sad? What do you buy? Do you need them?
  6. Are you good with money?
  7. Are you more of a generous or frugal character? How about other people in your family?


French “Right to Disconnect” Law


B2 – Upper Intermediate

Work-life balance is a global issue now since we are constantly asked by our employers to be always online. The pressure is high and the stakes are high. If we don’t follow them we might lose our jobs but is it worth the stress?

France had declared a new law that allows employees to have the right to disconnect. Some say it is what the every country needs but is it really possible (to be TOTALLY disconnected from work)? Let’s read and start a discussion about the topic.

French “Right to Disconnect” Law Goes Into Effect


1. What can cause a lot of stress according to this article?
2. What do you think about this new French law?
3. What are the advantages of this law for the employees? What are the disadvantages of this law for companies?
4. “Stress is the cause of all illness.” Do you agree?
5. Do you think it is possible to avoid stress all the time?