Bullfighting – A Big Attraction in Spain

B1 – Intermediate

It is no secret that Spain is famous for its bullfighting. Thousands of tourists get excited to watch a real bullfight in the arena.

Read the article below and express your thoughts about bullfighting and how activists are trying to stop the sport.

Bullfighting – A Big Attraction in Spain


1. What do you think of bullfighting as a kind of entertainment?
2. Do you think bulls should be eaten after being killed in the arena?
3. Is it possible to completely wipe out the industry of bullfighting?
4. Are there other historical activities in your country that should be stopped?

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One thought on “Bullfighting – A Big Attraction in Spain

  1. Maria

    Nowadays people are more aware of animals suffering and most of spanish people don’t like this traditions. In some places bullfighting has wipe out and other places will be complicated to eliminate. Some people in Spain think that this old tradition should be practise because it is a part of the culture. I don’t agree because I think that culture is made up of the music, the dance, the food or the language. This type of things because they don’t hurt anyone and anything.
    In my opinion not only is bullfighting a unpleasant entertainment, it is also an activity that should be disappear.


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