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Why People Join Cults

C1 – Advanced

By definition, a cult is a group or movement with a shared commitment to a usually extreme ideology that’s typically embodied in a charismatic leader.  Have you ever wondered why thousands of people join cults?

Let’s watch this video to check how cults work, how people are recruited and why they stay in these groups.

Let’s Talk:

Explain what a cult is in as much detail as possible.

Are cults dangerous?

How does a cult differ from religion? How similar are they?

Should the government try to eliminate cults and other fringe or unconventional religious groups?

Would you sacrifice your relationships or morality for the greater good?


Useful words:

GRISLY (adj) –  causing horror or disgust.

INDOCTRINATION (n) –  the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.   [indoctrinate -verb]


Extreme Employees

C1 – Advanced

In some countries, they are trying to maintain their workers’ work-life balance by experimenting on different work styles. However, there remains a lot of people who has no choice but to work very long hours.

Find out more about “extreme employees” through this article:


Discussion Questions:
1. What are the effects of being an extreme employee?
2. What do you think are reasons some people work too much?
3. Should companies strive to have extreme employees or well-balanced ones?
4. Talk about your experience of a toxic work day or workweek.
5. Do you think workers in your country should be given more vacation days?

How to Become More Disciplined?

B2 – Upper Intermediate

We all have bad habits that we want to get rid of. Have you ever tried changing your behavior and end up going back to it again after few days or months? Then maybe you are not doing it  right.

Let’s take a look at this video and learn from the life story of Lucas. Prepare to discuss your thoughts after watching.


Let’s talk!

1. How did Lucas become more self-disciplined?
2. What kind of behaviors do you want to change?
3. Is it difficult for you to resist temptations?
4. Are you consistent with your good habits? If no, why? If yes, then how do you remain consistent?

Avoiding the Post-Vacation Blues

C1 – Advanced

After few weeks or a month-long holiday some employees feel sad and depress of the workload that they left.  This sensation is called post-vacation syndrome (PVS) or post-vacation blues it is a type of mood that persons returning home from a long trip (usually a vacation) may experience.

In this video, we will tackle how to overcome Post-Vacation Blues and bounce back immediately after your summer vacation. Watch the video below and be ready to answer the questions that follow.

Discussion Questions:

1. What are the symptoms of post-vacation syndrome?
2. What are the ways to prevent PVS according to the video?
3. Do you sometimes spend time working for few hours during your vacation?
4. Do you have a lot of work load after your vacation?
5. What do you think are the pros and cons of “Workcation” (working from a vacation destination)?

Instant Gratification in Marketing

C1 – Advanced

Humans are naturally inclined to have desires for things. In the business setting, whoever provides these desires in the best way and timely manner possible, gets ahead of the competition.

With this in mind, instant gratification can offer a wide array of benefits for digital marketers.

Get a deeper understanding of instant gratification, how it works to a company’s advantage in marketing, and ways to provide it to customers.


Discussion Questions:

1. Explain why people expect immediate responses now.

2. What are your thoughts on the ideas presented in this article?

3. What are some other ways to handle customer’s desire for instant gratification?

4. Does the company you work for use instant gratification? In what ways?

5. Do you agree that instant gratification provides benefits for businesses?

Ways the Rich Signal Their Wealth

C1 – Advanced

Long time ago, corsets and silver spoons symbolized high social position. In the modern times, more middle-class people can go on fancy vacations and afford luxury bags too. The challenge for the super rich is to look for ways to set them apart in terms of their elite social status.

Read this article to find out how the elites mark their social position.


Discussion Questions:

1. According to this article, how are the rich establishing their status now?
2. What are your thoughts on conspicuous and inconspicuous consumption?
3. Why do you think the super rich are spending less on material goods and the middle-income groups are going on the opposite direction?

Reasons To Study a Foreign Language Abroad

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B2 – Upper Intermediate

Anybody who is trying to learn a foreign language constantly wants to find a way to speed up the process. There are many ways to do it. Is living and studying it abroad truly the most effective way?

Here are six reasons why one needs to live away from home to learn another language.


Discussion Questions:
1. Do you agree that “learning and communicating in the language of a foreign country while living there is without doubt the best way of learning”?
2. What are ways you’ve tried to learn English? Which do you think are the most effective and which are not?
3. Would you consider studying a language abroad or recommend anyone to do it? Support your answer.

Hot Weather Workout

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C1 – Advanced

Pre-cooling is known to be a method that helps people cope with exercising despite high temperatures. However, heat acclimation by soaking in long, hot baths to prepare for athletic competitions is said to be more effective than the former. Furthermore, it makes people immune to heat-related illnesses like nausea and heat stroke.


Discussion Questions:

1. What particular sports are you into?
2. Does high temperature somehow affect your workout routine?
3. In your country, do athletes practice pre-cooling or heat acclimation? How?
4. When the athletes of your country have to compete in events held in hot countries like those in the Middle East, how do they prepare for that?
5. In your opinion, how important is it to acclimatize to certain conditions?

Why Sitting is Bad for You

Think about how much time you spend each day sitting down. You may sit down throughout the entire working day at a desk in front of a computer. You sit during your commute to and from work. And you sit when you’re watching TV in the evening, or surfing the web.

But is sitting really that risky? Watch the video carefully and be able to answer the questions that follow.

Discussion Questions:

  1. According to the video, why is too much sitting  harmful for you?
  2. What are the things that you usually do when sitting down? About how many hours do you sit in a day?
  3. Do you agree that sitting too much can ruin your health? Why or why not?
  4. What are some ways  to reduce the health risks of too much sitting?


Grilled Whole Fish with Chiles and Coconut

C1 – Advanced

This video is meant to practice both your listening skills and your vocabulary. Feel free to watch the video more than once and take note of words or expressions that are new. Be ready to answer comprehension questions.


1. According to the video, why is it a good idea to use very hot coals when grilling fish? How long should it take the fish to cook (per side)?
2. How should the fish look like once it’s cooked or done?
3. What are the different sauces that Melissa Clark paired her fish with? Why did she choose these sauces?
4. Are you fond of grilling? Have you tried grilling fish?
5. Have you tried hosting a barbecue party during the summer?