Video: Woman Sues Over Weight-Loss

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Some people argue that we live in a world were people are judged by their looks. There are many qualities by which physical appearance is deemed acceptable by modern society: body shape, skin complexion, height and even weight.

Recently, a student sued her own university for allegedly denying her the chance to apply for the dance troupe.

Watch the video then express your ideas on the matter.

Woman sues university over weight-loss suggestion


1. Are there any circumstances when a person’s weight should be factored in for consideration in an organization or activity?
2. Can the situation described in the video be considered an example of discrimination?
3. What adjectives can you use to describe the woman’s feelings? Would you feel the same if you were in her shoes?


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One thought on “Video: Woman Sues Over Weight-Loss

  1. daniel


    Actually is a truth that the physical appearence is very important in our society, and have more opportunities and advantages people with better physical qualities and beauty than the rest, although they having the same knowledge or professional skills. In my opinion, as a general rule, the weight shouldn’t be a condition for a organization or for be accepted in any activity.

    In terms of discrimination, we could give two different points of view:
    You can consider that it’s discrimination if the university/organization is advertising/offering that everybody is invited to compose the dance group (and then they forbid it to these people), but on the other hand, if any organization has its own rules, if you want to join them, you must follow their steps, and if you dont, you can find and look for other organizations that allow you to be with them.

    I think that the woman of the video feels excluded from the group, depreciated, and she feels impotence because she thinks that has enough skills to dance with them without any problem.

    Bye, bye!!


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