11 Habits Of Mentally Strong People


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Mentally strong people have healthy habits. They manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in ways that set them up for success in life.

Check out these things that mentally strong people  do so that you too can become more mentally strong.

11 Habits Of Mentally Strong People


1. How would you describe being mentally strong?

2. Do you consider yourself a mentally strong individual?

3. Which of the habits mentioned in the article do you practice? Which ones do you not?

4. Would you like to add anything to the list?


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2 thoughts on “11 Habits Of Mentally Strong People

  1. Jorge

    1. I think that the mentally strong people are people that have a very positive actitude in all the aspects of the life. Is people with a big charisma and a lot self-confidence. Also I think that this type of people normally is a little selfish because all the time are thinking in his things. Probably this feature is not the same in all the mentally strong people but in my experience many people that had the strong mental have an selfish actitude too becaue try to put all of his strong things in try to improve his business or increase the benefits of his work.

    2. No, I’m not a negative person or the typical person that try to run when the problems come but neither I’m the typical person that have a big problems in his life and can have the best actitude. I know that the problems can be overcome better if you have a possitive actitude but when the problems are very importants in your life I recognize that in many ocasions I can’t to have this actitude. It’s impossible for me because all the time the problems come to my mind and it’s impossible for me change my form to think and put an smile in my face.

    3. I think that I’m emotionally intelligent. Normally I’m confident but my very big problem is that I have ideas or things that I want to do because I think that will be good for my life or for my work but then weeks after my idea be dilute because I don’t have the power or the strong to perform all the things that I want to do. If in the second month I would have the same strong for doing things that the first day probably I would have done a lot of things more than now.

    I have another problem with say no. When I was a teenager I can’t to say no definitely but now I try to do it but normally my friends or the people that know me more try to convince me all the time and in many times finish the situation when I angry. And then I think that probably I could have said yes. In many occasions it’s a difficult situation for me.

    4. I think that the people with a mentally strong also is people that not try to impress to other people. Probably is people that don’t care the opinion of the other people about him and not have the necessity to impress nobody.

  2. lucía

    1. I think that being mentally strong means or implies positivity and living with optimism, tenacity, perseverance and assertiveness. In addition, physical strength and good health and the ability to identify what mentally strong people don’t do.

    2. No, I don’t consider myself a mentally strong person. I know the theory, but practicing it is very complicated.
    Some article habits are easier to work to try to achieve success, find opportunities and break down barriers. I want to be a positive, intelligent person, hard worker, brave, respectful, fighter, who always gets up when he falls down, I’m not better than anyone, but nobody is better than me. The reality is that I emotionally break many times.

    3. Sometimes, not always, I am emotionally intelligent, I recognize my emotions, but I can’t always do something productive with them.
    My confidence isn´t strong, my insecurities win and I should be more assertive, it is very important to know how to say “no”.
    If I identify toxic people and my mind is open to change, I know that in order to achieve success you have to know failure and learn.
    I compare myself with others, I think it is difficult not to do it, from our birth they measure us and calculate the average to know where we are. I do little exercise and I sleep a few hours (I have two babies).

    4. The absence of empathy is a negative condition of some mentally strong people, they identify emotions, they can do productive things with them, but they can’t put themselves in the place of others.


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