False Advertising

B2 – Upper Intermediate

Do you ever wonder why brands pay a great deal of money on advertisements? A well-thought of ad can make consumers buy your products or avail of your services. Hence, advertising firms ensure their ads catch their market’s attention, to some extent, even if it means misleading them.

Read the article below and get ready to talk about false advertising.


Discussion Questions:

1. Have you ever fallen for a misleading advert?
2. Talk about an advertising campaign that caught your attention recently.
3. What are your thoughts on celebrity endorsements?
4. What factors do you consider when buying a product?
5. What would make an ad more appealing?

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One thought on “False Advertising

  1. Jorge

    1. No, normally no. I’m the typical person that distrust a lot about the ads in general. I’m journalist and right now work in publicity. I know that many anouncements are lies or try to generate the sensation of need to have that article.
    2. Recently I saw many campaigns in internet with titles similar to: “If you want to be rich need to read this article”.
    Then the article only talk about people that earned a lot of money with gambling or many things of risky bets.
    I thing that this type of ads are very dangerous because many people believe in this advices and probably think that thist bets are very secured and don’t see the risk.
    3. I didn’t understand this question.
    4. At this momento I consider important compare feedback about the product that I want to buy. I normally try to search in internet all the information about the product, the different experiences with it etc.
    5. For the publicity in general I think that is more effective when you try to sell a product but the ad about this product seem to be an information. Many newspapers, webs or television channels have this type of publicity but try to use it only a little because lose credibility.


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