Grown up and living at home







B1 – Intermediate

The number of grown up individuals who are living at home is continually increasing in different countries in the world. This article talks about the underlying reasons regarding the issue. Some advantages and disadvantages are also discussed by different individuals from different countries.

Grown up and living at home

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1. Is living at home a good or bad point in your own perspective?
2. Do people in your place share the same issue (grown up and living at home) with people from other parts of the world?
3. What do you think parents and children should do to address this issue?



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One thought on “Grown up and living at home

  1. Guillermo1952

    I think there are a couple of reasons which explain this phenomenon, firstly is more difficult to leave the parent´s house due to the difficult to buy or rent a house- The reasons are the high prices on the real estate and the decrease of salaries.
    On the other hand a high percentage of youg people prefer to live with his parents because they seem and feel themselves like kids, they aren´t hurry to look for his adult life. The parents seem aren´t not interested in thath his kids are getting a life as adults.
    In my opinion the result of this situation will be bad for everyone: Grandparents living like if they´re 20 years yonger and kids living like babys.
    Summarizing nobody want accept the real age.


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