Digital Cloning

B1 – Intermediate

Cloning has long been a subject of debate since the year dot. Supporters of cloning claim that it is the answer to preventing endangered species from disappearing as well as allowing human beings to live healthier lives. But just recently, another form of cloning has come to rise – digital cloning, wherein a copy of your “self” will be created online.

Discussion questions:

1. What do you think of this ‘digital cloning’?
2. Would you like to be cloned and/or digitally cloned?
3. With this technological advancement, how do you see the future of humanity?
4. What can you say about the the last statement-question ‘Who needs faith when you’ve got broadband’?

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One thought on “Digital Cloning

  1. Jorge

    1. Sounds interesting but sadly seems to be a little impossible that can be a reality in few years and I don’t know if will be possible to know this technology or I will die before.

    2. Yes if with this thing I will be able to live for many years more and I will be able to do incredible things like play football in real stadiums or surfing in the best beaches… for me is better than only die because when you died we have the possibility to don’t have anymore after.

    3. I don’t know. I remember that NASA said the last year or two years ago that the more realistic science fiction film of the history was Gataca because talk about the people of the future and the fight to exist between the people to have the possibility to choose his genetics and the people to can’t choose the best genetics. The people to can choose his genetic will be the élite, the aristocracy of the future because they would be able to work in the best jobs and for this reason will have more money than the others. If the NASA says that this things probably seems to be the more realistic scenario of the future I think that probably they knows more than me and the future really will be like that.

    4. I think that this expression refer to if the people have clear his future probably don’t need to have faith in nothing that don’t know very well.


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