Boosting your Happiness

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Every human  in the planet wants to be happy. This is considered the ultimate goal anywhere in the world.  Watch the video and read the article below to know more about the effect of happiness and unhappiness  in life.

7 ways to boost your happiness


1. What is your opinion about the study and advice in achieving happiness?
2. Have you done any of the practical suggestions mentioned in the article? Which ones are you currently practicing?
3. In your opinion, what other activities can help a person’s well-being?

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4 thoughts on “Boosting your Happiness

  1. Bárbara

    1. I am totally agree with that study because if you are an optimistic person you probably have more friends and more motivation to do things than a pessimistic person. Pessimistic person always are going to think that things are going bad, so their feelings will be really negative and depressed to be with people or doing things.
    2. Yes, if i have been trought a bad period of time i automatically start thinking like optimistic person because if you are not you probably get depressed and you can’t fix it.
    3. I think playing sports it’s another activity that you can use to be well. when you practice sports you feels better and feel happier and relaxed.

  2. Jorge

    1. I think that this article is very wise and probably many people know that if they have a positive actitude in their lives they will have a better health in general. But in many cases the life is hard and is not easy to have a good humour when you are living a difficult situation in your life, need to work many hours in your work or your wife is gone with other guy. Anyway I’m totally agree with the article in general but seems easy in the theory.
    2. When I have lived negative situations in my live i tried to forget them doing sports. The sports is another thing to generate endorphins and is good for the mental health too.
    3. I think that is good to do a lot of activities in general. If you have ocupated your mind is more dificult to have negative thoughts.

  3. Jorge

    Fundamentally the people needs differents motivations for achieve the happiness. Every person is different, however all advice that to help you to find this correct way is oportunity for to learn to direct own meaning to happiness. To be positive help to see the true answer of the life.

    Yes, I practice today read about relationships and authors of motivation and personal overcoming. Also I try to be close to God, my family and enjoy every things with them.

    I think this three things: 1. God 2. Family 3. Enjoy to Work

  4. Jorge

    1. I think is very interesting this study about the happiness because is important to the people to know the correct way of happiness. Today different advisories like these help the people to understand experience and search news forms to achieve your owns meaning of happiness.
    2. I’m try to be close of the possitive people because to transmit new ideas, news perspective around me. when i have a special situation in my work for example…try to search groups of partner with more experience and talk with them
    2. I’m practiced sports…with the soccer share my passion for it and reduce my stress.


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