Eating Out in Old Dubai


B2 – Upper intermediate

What makes a city more interesting is its diversity and the history behind it. Take a stroll in the streets of Dubai and discover the medley of cultures it has to offer.

Eating Out in Old Dubai


1. Describe the diversity of the city or town you live in.
2. If I were to visit your country or your city, where would you bring me? (Also talk about places that aren’t touristy.)
3. Describe some of the places that you have visited that are very rich in history and diversity.

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One thought on “Eating Out in Old Dubai

  1. DanielR.


    I live in Madrid and is one of the most important capitals in Europe, not only in industry, or communications, even also in tourism. We also can find here a great diversity of cultures and communities, and all of them in many cases sharing and living in the same neighbourhoods.

    So we can see people from all continents, and each minority has their own traditions, foods, restaurants, shops and religions.

    If you would visit my city, first of all I would bring you to the most common and touristic places that are concentrated in the centre of the city, and next to this, we would go for a walk for example along these neighbourhoods, where we could observe the differences between this communities, their shops, etc. and why not having lunch in one of their typical restaurants?

    I have been in different countries with great richness in history, but I would underline for example Greece, Italy or even Turkey, I think that these countries have a lot of history and a great amount of monuments with different influences of many cultures.

    By, bye!!


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