Competition Is Ruining Childhood

B2 – Upper Intermediate

Competition is considered as an implicit part of education. Many of today’s children have lived their whole life competing with peers. It’s often believed that the more we work on enhancing our job skills, the more successful we will be in the future.

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Discussion Questions:

1.What is the role of education in our future?

2.Should education be a form of competition?

3.Do you think we are tricked in the idea that sacrificing our mental health now in school for security in adulthood?

4.How can we make education fair for every child?



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One thought on “Competition Is Ruining Childhood

  1. Jorge

    1. I think that probably change for other method more didactic but I think that the pressure for the childs will be the same that right now or probably more I don’t know.

    2. No I think that this method not is good for the children. The kids need to learn but need to have time for play and for rest too. When I was a child we have to go for the school for many hours and all the days have a lot of homework and the period of exams we don’t have time for study all the lessons because we had a lot of subjects in the same week. I think that it’s better for learn the things when the kids have less pressure.

    3. I think that is totally incorrect think that if you have a lot of pressure when you go to the school and then to the university and try to get the best qualifications will have a better job in the future and for this reason a security life in general. I know people with less studies and best jobs than people than studied a lot years ago and now having normal jobs or worst jobs than the others. I think that is more important if you know move well in the life in general because the rivality is hard and it’s not enought with having the best studies or the best qualifications.

    4. I heard that in Spain they try to implement a new method that try to personalize the education for the qualities of per kid. If a child seems to be good in mathematics this program try to support the subjects that having more relation with the mathematics an less the social subjetcs for example. With this method probably this kids will have the best preparation for their future works and right now probably have less pressure because they don’t need to learn the same things than all the childs with this age.


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