Learning Languages Boosts our Brain

B2 – Upper intermediate

Do you worry about getting old? Our memory naturally deteriorates. There are different studies conducted by different organizations that show how languages shape the way we think.

Your Mind on Language: How Bilingualism Boosts Your Brain


1. Do you think learning another language would make your brain healthier?
2. How would you describe your experience in learning English?
3. What other languages can you speak? What else would you like to learn?
4. What other activities do you think are good for the brain?

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One thought on “Learning Languages Boosts our Brain

  1. Sheila

    I think that it is so possittive to study new languages.
    For me it’s difficult to speak English, because I don’t have the possibility to speak it frecuently.
    I speak Spanish, Catalan and Italian, and a litle English.
    I think that it is possitve to do mathematics operations to train the brain!


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