Disability: Get rid of your Frustration

B2 – Upper intermediate

Disability can be devastating to one’s physical and emotional health. Disabled people find it difficult to do even the simplest task. It can also affect the family.

Watch the video below then express your thoughts about the topic.


1. What problems do people with disabilities face in your country?
2. What do you think of the Paralympic Games?
3. What kinds of discrimination do people with disabilities face?
4. What message do you think disabled people would like to tell those without a disability?

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One thought on “Disability: Get rid of your Frustration

  1. Sheila

    The people with disabilities have a lot of limits to overcome.
    In my country we improved a lot in this sense, but we have a lot of improvements that we can do.
    We need to improve the education, we need to improve the infrastructure, and we need to improve the access to employment.
    I think that the Paralympic Games are a good opportunity to value the effort.
    When I have seen all this people, and all this effort , it is really incredible.
    The people with disabilities have to face to different problems, and I think that we have a big responsibility as society, we need to progress in this sense, to impulse new policies, to achieve new targets in order to achieve a total integration in our society.
    We need to value all, that we can do, to lead kids to school, to hug, take a shower, brush our teeth, all this simple thinks that we can do without help…


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