Chasing that Caffeine High


B1 – Intermediate

Coffee, sodas or tea? Staying awake or getting enough energy to get through the day  is something so necessary these days that energy drink manufacturers have become more creative.

Read the article to know what’s going on in the world of energy drinks.

Chasing that Caffeine High

Discuss: (from the article)

1. Have you ever (or do you often) drink energy drinks?
2. Do you think energy drinks are dangerous?
3. Why do you think energy drinks are becoming so popular?
4. Caffeine is an addictive drug. Why is it legal when other harmful drugs are illegal?

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One thought on “Chasing that Caffeine High

  1. danielrs

    In my case, I drank energy drinks long time ago (in parties, with alcohol) and in fact I think that they are not necessary in any case.

    They have become so popular thanks to TV, Radio, etc. and their companies spend a lot of money in ads , trying to catch to everybody, not only adults, but young people, and here’s the problem.

    Caffeine is addictive but we can’t compare its effects with the rest of drugs, so I think that for this reason caffeine is legal and not the rest.

    If you consume it with moderation or measure, I think that isn’t harmful, but in every case, I would forbid it to young people (like alcohol, for example).


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