A Toxic Workplace

B1 – Intermediate

If you find yourself  saying  that you love your job but that it’s killing you, or that your social life is dead, then you’re probably in a toxic workplace. You might want to re-examine  what is really going on at work, and why  you are having these feelings towards your employment.

Read the article below to know what a toxic workplace looks like and how you can deal with stressful situations at the office.

A Toxic Workplace

Discuss: (from article)

1. Do you think the negative article about Amazon is true?
2. If the article were true, why would anyone want to work in such an environment?
3. Would you want to work at a company like Amazon? Why/not?
4. What is the best place you have ever worked at? How about the worst place? Why?
5. What are some ideas and practices to maximize employee productivity?

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