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Science Fiction and the Future

C2 – Proficient

Can science fiction actually help predict the future? Watch the video to find out.

Discussion Questions:

1. Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke once said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. What does that mean?
2. Do you think science fiction can help predict the future?
3. What technological advancements from science fiction do you think are very realistic and possible to exist in the future?

Winning the Lottery and Happiness

C2 – Proficient

Times these days are hard. Something most people think that can help make things so much better is getting very fortunate one day and winning the lottery. The million dollar question is, “Would winning the lottery make you happier?”.

Watch the video to find out.

Discussion Questions:

1. What does the article say about happiness and sadness?

2. Have you been very happy? What made you very happy and how long did it last? How about being sad?

3. How would winning a million dollars/euros change your life? Do you think it will make you happier for the rest of your life?

Christmas Presence: How to Survive Seasonal Dysfunction

C2 – Proficient

Christmas is just around the corner and for most, it’s the most joyous holiday. But it’s not the case for everyone. It’s quite surprising that some aren’t excited for this holiday. Read on the article to find out how to get over Christmas jitters.

Christmas Presence: How to Survive Seasonal Dysfunction


1. According to what you’ve read, what are the ways on how to survive “seasonal dysfunction”?
2. In your opinion, what are some reasons why people dread the holidays?
3. How do you feel about the holiday season?
4. How do you deal with the pressures?
5. What do you enjoy the most during this time of the year?

After Vacation: Tips to Bounce Back Fast

C2 – Proficient

Vacations are events we always look forward to. There’s stress in planning the perfect one. But there’s also stress involved when it’s time to check back to reality and start working again.

Read the article on how to get your head back in life’s game to do some hard work.

After Vacation: Tips to Bounce Back Fast


1. Which of the tips in the article do you agree on? Disagree on?
2. Which ones do you practice?
3. Do you often go on big holidays?
4. Do you find it hard getting back to the routine after a long vacation?

Conspiracy Theories

C2 – Proficient

There are a lot of unproven conspiracy theories circulating in the world.  Either they’re in conflict with a consensus or isn’t historically proven.

Watch this video about five of the most mysterious conspiracy theories.


1. Do you find conspiracy theories interesting?
2. Name one (or more) conspiracy theory (theories) you know of.
3. In your opinion, how true can conspiracy theories be?
4. Where do you think these theories come from?

The Whole Point of Drinking is the Hangover


C2 – Proficient

The article talks about the invention of a new drug by Professor David Nutt, which he claims will mimic the effects of being drunk on alcohol without the hangover and other health risks normally associated with alcohol, which will also allow you to sober up by taking the antidote.

The whole point of drinking is the hangover


1. Consider the likely benefits and possible consequences of such a drug.
2. Talk about how drinking culture and attitudes to alcohol vary from country to country and compare alcohol with other recreational drugs.

The Age of the Tragic Selfie

C2 – Proficient

In August 2013, the word “selfie” was officially added to OxfordDictionaries.com. Selfie sticks were then invented and sold with the promise of better selfies. Are selfies something to be worried about?

Read the article below and prepare to express your thoughts.

The age of the tragic selfie

Let’s Discuss!

1. What is the author trying to express in his article?
2. How do you view selfies?
3. In your own words, what do you think this statement means: “…better technology doesn’t necessarily bring greater insight.”? Do you agree with this statement?
4. The article sited a few tragedies from different parts of the world. Are there any tragedies in your country that demand respect?

Capture Life in Your Soul


C2 – Proficient

Whenever you have a holiday coming up, step back and contemplate on this: Will I be taking pictures of every single detail of my trip then upload them instantly on my social media? Or Will I take the time to appreciate the beauty that is in front of me?

At some point we are all guilty of just clicking away on our cameras. Read the article below then express your thoughts.

Capture Life in Your Soul — Not Your Smartphone


1. Do you agree that taking photos prevents us from fully enjoying the moment?
2. Do you think social media has a lot to do with this habit of taking a photo of everything?
3. Can you imagine disconnecting from social media for a year?
4. How do you get to fully enjoy your vacations or adventures to the fullest?

The Nightmare Retirement Scenario


C2 – Proficient

Have you ever thought of your retirement? We all age and would need to leave our jobs to enjoy our savings and life after years of work, but have we really given it a thought?

Let’s check a scenario and possible ways on how we can keep our retirement on track.

The nightmare retirement scenario


1. What is the age for mandatory retirement in your country?
2. Where would you like to spend your retirement years? Why?
3. In your culture, do the children have to support their parents financially after they retire?
4. What are the three (3) things you would like to accomplish/have before and after you retire?

Decoding Caitlyn Jenner’s Name


C2 – Proficient

From the time Caitlyn Jenner came out on the Vanity Fair cover, people have been continuously curious about her and her new life. She has attracted a lot of people all over the world for her bold transformation.

Read the article below to know more about the details of her name and her transformation.

Decoding Caitlyn Jenner’s new name, look


1. To begin with, what do you know about Bruce Jenner?
2. How did you react when news of Jenner’s transformation became public?
3. How socially accepted are the members of LGBT in your country? Set some examples.